Germander Speedwell 


Britannia Fish and frog - right side Knight - probably French 1. Froggy-back 10. Froglet on wet leaves 4. Frogspawn at 1 week

Follow Germander's Ladybird Lifecycle Findings

D. Ladybird pupa E. Newly-emerged ladybird on pupa case drying wing C. Ladybird larva in Dyers Camomile

See Germander's Shieldbug Discoveries

Southern Green Shieldbug nymph - 1 Sept, 1 Shield bugs - day 2 Southern Green Shieldbug on beans 12.10.20 Peacock butterfly - on hand Large White caterpillars - 1 Comma butterfly on burdock - 2

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Common Field Speedwell Wall Speedwell - single tiny plant Heath Speedwell in Queens Wood - 2