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Upcoming appearances:

March - May 2024:

Many of Germander's best decorated clay pipes are currently on display at Emery Walker House in Hammersmith, as part of a mudlarking display that can be seen when booking on a tour of the house.

Details here:

Significant past appearances:


Surrey Docks Farm      Second Chance charity shop       The Shipping News Room        Wayward Walks        Thames Estuary    



List of confirmed past sightings:

Mudlarking exhibition at Watermen's Hall, City of London, Feb 25, 2024

Germander exhibited a selection of her decorated clay pipes at this exhibition organised by Hands on History. 

Thames Festival 2023: Storylark, Royal Museums Greenwich, Sept 23-24

Mudlarking-themed walks led by storyteller Rich Sylvester and organised by Hands on History for the Thames Festival, in which Germander contributed some spoken word pieces and told of mudlarking finds.

Hands on History - Mudlarks Mettle: Knives, Weapons & Warfare, at Cutlers' Hall, LondonJuly 2, 2023

Germander displayed some of her decorated clay pipes at this event, part of the Thames Festival, which showcased the finds of London mudlarks. Information here.


Surrey Docks Farm - Piecing Together Our Past, 2016-17

Germander followed up the previous project from 2013-14 (as below) to explore in greater detail the history of the Farm's site between 1883-1940, when it was a smallpox and fever receiving station, until destroyed in the Blitz. 

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  See the results at


Shorelines Literature Festival, part of Estuary 2016 Festival

A reading of Estuary-related pieces at this weekend festival of writing and art related to the Thames Estuary, held at the Tilbury Cruise Terminal.  Organised by Metal - listings here:


Museum of Curiosities II, Gatehouse Arts, Harlow, Essex, 2014

An exhibition of curious collections, and responses by artists, which included a couple of works by Germander. 


Surrey Docks Farm - Heritage Project, 2013-14

Germander devised and led this Heritage Lottery-funded project to research, survey and interpret the fascinating history of the farm's site.  See the website for the results:


Tides of Change exhibition as part of Kent Coastal Week, 2013

An exhibition of artworks about the Thames and Medway, from writing to sculpture to film, on board the LV21 Lightship on Gillingham Pier, including excerpts from Germander's Thames Estuary pieces.


Second Chance: A Double-take in Couplets, 2012-13

This was a 4-month 'Hostings' residency in Second Chance charity shop in Archway, part of A Million Minutes, organised by Islington Council and supported by Arts Council England.  Germander worked with the staff and visitors of this popular and unique charity shop, writing and presenting a series of verses about her observations and discoveries. 

Full details on the Second Chance page.


Thames Estuary Salon, Chalkwell Hall, Chalkwell, Essex, 2012

An evening of presentations from artists and authors using text to explore the Thames Estuary, including artist/curator Frances Lord, artist Stephen Turner, photographer Simon Fowler, members of the Estuary Project, and Germander Speedwell. This event was part of the series of 'Salon' literary events curated by Rachel Lichtenstein and organised by Metal Culture at Chalkwell Hall.


The Shipping News Room, 2012

A project for Art at the Centre, Swale Borough Council, which involved Germander setting up a ship-spotting and boat-noting project in a converted shipping container in the town of Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey, Kent.  

Full details are on the Shipping News Room page.


Surrey Docks Farm, 2010-12

Germander was Writer-in-Residence at this city farm in Rotherhithe, producing a booklet of her work, and then in 2012 winning a placement on the Vodafone World of Difference scheme to organise related events and a natural history survey.  See full details on the Surrey Docks Farm page.


Wayward Walks 2009-16

Guided walks devised and led by Germander, featuring curiosities of language and image in the City of London, and street art and curiosities in Kennington.  See the Wayward Walks page.


Dockyard Dictionary walks at the Museum in Docklands, 2010

Germander led wordy wanders for the Museum of Docklands for World Poetry Day, linking curiosities found around West India Dock with her spoken word pieces about strange ship names, curious cargoes, strange occupations and odd dockyard language.


Soundings from the Estuary, 2007-08

An in-depth project exploring the Thames Estuary and its language.  See the Thames Estuary page.  


Atlantic Basin Project, 2007

Germander wrote a piece for the Atlantic Basin Project, based in Newfoundland and launched in December 2007.


The Sea Sheppey Maritime Festival, 2005-07

An annual weekend heritage festival on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, in which Germander participated in 2005, 2006, 2007  -  see the Depictions page for photos and details.


Performance venues

Appearances at various performance venues such as Word Geometry, The Klinker, the Bonnington and the Vortex, London Canal Museum, as well as various Thames-moored waterborne venues.


Resonance FM

Several guest appearances on London's art radio station, including:

Jubilate Agno: a recording of this epic poem by Christopher Smart, read by Frank Key of Hooting Yard with Germander Speedwell, and originally broadcast on Resonance FM on December 27, 2007 - the first ever complete reading of this work? Christopher Smart was an 18th C religious poet, who wrote this bizarre, all-encompassing and sometimes unintentionally hilarious epic while in a period of madness. The recording may still be available on Resonance FM podcasts, or otherwise go to the Internet Archive for a review and downloads:


SW1 Radio - Passport show

Guest appearances on SW1 Radio's 'habitat for the unexpected' - the Passport world music show,  hosted by Phil Hogg.   

Germander Speedwell 

Homo sapiens speedwelli has been identified in a variety of habitats - from broadleaf woodland to Thames foreshore to municipal library, with distribution across London and the UK according to season and possibility.

To obtain Germander's prompt attention, please summon on the Speedwell email:  

Or, to gain knowledge of Germander's latest discoveries and activities, please refer to her regular illustrated bulletins:



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