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Foreshore findings - long pipes, toy wheel - cropped
Ford Stepney pipe part
Foreshore findings - butterfly - cropped
Foreshore forage - group after
Archie with CLIFF brick
Pipe bowl fragment - domed church

The clay pipe bowl that this fragment is from commemorates the International Exhibition of 1862 - you can recognise this domed entrance in the picture opposite.  

Great International Exhibition 1862 picture

The great domed facade of the International Exhibition building of 1862, which you can see on the pipe bowl fragment opposite.  This was built on the site that is now the Natural History Museum.

Pipe identifying 13 May
Liam with holed brick
Archie with animal tooth
Bobby with bottle bottoms
Crockery piece with chicken and cart
SMITH pipe stem - cropped
Fleur-de-lis Pattern Stem
Patterned stem
Pile of findings, 10 June
RAOB pipe - cropped
RAOB - side on, cropped
Brick - Farnley
Ferret foraging
NO RETURN bottle

Albert, the farm's albino ferret, joins in the foraging             A bottle embossed  'NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURN'.

Germander Speedwell 

Farm Foreshore Foraging

As part of her Vodafone World of Difference project at Surrey Docks Farm, Germander organised monthly public foreshore foraging events on the farm's Thames foreshore.  The aim was to expand her previously-written foreshore verse (from Foghorns and Subsongs), a list of findings and observations on the foreshore.  


At these public foraging events, participants were encouraged to look for interesting or unusual items that could be incorporated into the verse, and to collectively try to identify and describe them.  Here are the results - the completed verse, and photos of some of the participants and the impressive and fascinating objects they found.  

Clay pipe bowl - Turk's Head
Family Foreshore Findings
Foreshore verse
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