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Foghorns and Subsongs - animal plant verse

Germander Speedwell 

Foghorns and Subsongs

Above: the booklet cover  


Below - a few of the verses, and one of the  illustrations by Sine Skovsen.

'Foghorns and Subsongs', a playful and evocative tribute to Surrey Docks Farm, was written by Germander as the result of a year exploring and experiencing the farm, and collecting hundreds of observations on the fascinating activity and surprising detail of this site -  from animal antics to plant harvests, bird sightings, foreshore findings, riverboat passings, visitors’ book snoopings, menu inspections, event attendings, forge explorings, and tide turnings of the adjacent river Thames.  


It has been produced as a booklet, featuring illustrations by Sine Skovsen, and is on sale for £2.50 - directly from Germander or from the farm office.   See below for some sample verses.

Foghorns and Subsongs cover (smaller file)
Foghorns and Subsongs - foreshore verse
Foghorns and Subsongs - list verse
Bird round leaves with drops (1) -
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