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Looking down Queenborough Harbour
Little Egret in Creek

Above and below: the creek in different weathers and times of day, including a Little Egret at low tide.

Photos: above left by Germander; Egret by Steve Moyes; below left by Phil Hogg, and below right by Diana Cullison

Up creek with dark cloud - cropped
Down creek in dusk
Sacks of Whiteweed
Turnstones twitching on tidelines
View from Old House at Home
Triton, Sampson, Humphrey Morris and Vigilant

Germander Speedwell 

The Shipping News Room Gallery -  Queenborough

Queenborough is a small historic maritime town on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, facing the Swale, and with its creek, town quay and harbour, accommodates several fishing trawlers and cocklers as well as maritime industries and a busy boating and yachting scene in the summer. Its combination of industry and wildness with dramatic skies and sunsets make it a place of great atmosphere.

Ceramic shard from Pottery Bay
Snow on the Queenborough harbour front
Sunset from Queenborough Hard
The Shipwright's workshop - brighter, cropped
Crundells Wharf
Welcome to Queenborough mural
Harbour under dark cloud

Above: a fragment found in 'Pottery Bay' from the former Alfred Johnson & Son Ltd pottery works, with their pyramid trade mark.


Right: in a shipwright's workshop


Photos by Germander.

Above left: sacks of whiteweed raked from the Thames Estuary by a Queenborough trawler, and turnstones 'twitching on tidelines' - photos by Germander.  

Above right: the view from lunch at the Old House at Home - photo by Phil Hogg.

Below left: snow on the harbour front - photo by Germander;  below right - historic vessels the Triton, Humphrey Morris and Vigilant, and barge Sampson with its 'spud legs' - photo: © Crispynails -


Above and below: the dramatic sunsets and atmospheres that Queenborough is known for.  

Photos: above by Steve Moyes, bottom left by Germander, and bottom right by Phil Hogg.

Photo: Phil Hogg

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