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Germander Speedwell 

Surrey Docks Farm Natural History Survey, 2012

This survey contains just a small sample of the wild flora and fauna at Surrey Docks Farm – i.e. what we were able to find, photograph and identify from March to June 2012.  The aim was to bring attention to the fascinating variety of creatures and plants at the farm, and point out some of the inter-relationships and life-cycles which the farm site provides the space and habitats for.  The photographs can also be used to help identify future findings.  


This survey was compiled and photographed by Germander Speedwell, with assistance and further photographs by Sandra Doyle, and sightings by other participants in the Amateur Naturalists’ Saturday Sessions.  This project was funded through the Vodafone World of Difference programme.  

Ladybird larva in Dyers Camomile - 1
Ladybird - 7-spot on nettle
Frenzy of Froggery
Leaf-cutter Bee - cropped

Most of the contents of this survey were identified by amateur naturalists, with the identity of some species confirmed from photos by professionals and specialists, such as members of the Dipterists Forum (The Society for the Study of Flies), members of BWARS (Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society), and staff at the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity at the Natural History Museum.  

Holly Blue on bark path

Yellow Shell on shed door

Hydra under microscope

And red mite on riverwall.


Speedwells by bee hives

Crane’s-bill by goose pond

Carpet Beetle on office table

And Black Lace Weaver under log.


Spotted Medick, Scarlet Pimpernel

Bladder Senna and Henbit Deadnettle;

Greenfinches at birdfeeders

Mining Bees in burrows

Nipplewort in Madder bed

And Seven-spot on Nettle top.


Pied Wagtail in paddock

Greenbottle on bramble

Bird Cherry by muck pile

And bumblebees in compost bin.


Hog Louse, Horse Leech

Owl Midge and Mint Moth;

Caddis Flies in cases

Coral Spot on twigs

Pipistrelle over foreshore

And Flower Bee on Phacelia

Ladybird larva eating aphids on elder

And colour-changing Crab Spider camouflaged in Dye Garden.


Weevils in Hollyhocks

Harlequin on Goldenrod

Jelly Ear on dead wood

And Blue Tit at nest box.


Holly in hedge

Frog under log

Blackbird in orchard

And aphid on notebook

Lacewing on tree trunk

Flesh Fly on Sage sign

Wren on fence

Newt in net

Cyclops in pond

And blackfly in eye!



Nature surveying at Surrey Docks Farm   © Germander Speedwell 2012

Crab Spider under pink flower 2
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