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Comma butterfly on burdock - 1

Above and below: a Comma butterfly feeding on Burdock

Comma butterfly on burdock - 2
Comma Butterfly on burdock - cropped
Peacock butterfly caterpillars - 1

Above: the velvety black caterpillars of the Peacock butterfly

Below: one of the adults found later in the same area; this specimen was unfortunately missing one of its underwings.

Peacock butterfly cat. on large curved leaf
Peacock butterfly - wings closed
Peacock butterfly - on hand
Holly Blue butterfly on mint - facing up
Holly Blue butterfly on mint - cropped

Above and left: a Holly Blue butterfly on mint in the Herb Garden.

Yellow Shell moth

Above: a Yellow Shell moth


Right: a Mint Moth in the Herb Garden.

Mint moth in summer - 2
Common Marbled Carpet Moth - 2

Above: a Common Marbled Carpet moth camouflaged on a sycamore trunk.



All photographs Copyright Germander Speedwell, but feel free to get in touch if you'd like to use any.

Angle Shades moth - 2.jpg

Above and below: an Angle Shades moth

Angle Shades moth - 3.jpg
Angle Shades moth - 4.jpg
Eyed Hawkmoth - in hand.jpg
Eyed Hawkmoth - in hand, side.jpg

Left and above:

An Eyed Hawkmoth, found on the doorframe at home. 

Germander Speedwell 

All photographs taken at Surrey Docks Farm in 2020, unless otherwise stated.

Butterflies and Moths

Small Copper butterfly against Canary Wharf

Above: a Small Copper butterfly in the riverside Dye Garden.

Large White Butterfly eggs
Large White butterfly eggs - hatched
Large White caterpillars - 2
Large White caterpillars - 1

Above: a batch of eggs of the Large White butterfly, and the newly hatched caterpillars about a week later. Note also the darker circles on the cabbage leaf where more eggs were previously affixed, but were probably eaten by a predator.

Above and left:

mature caterpillars of the Large White butterfly.

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