Germander Speedwell 

All photographs taken at Surrey Docks Farm in 2020, unless otherwise stated.

Butterflies and Moths

Small Copper butterfly against Canary Wharf

Above: a Small Copper butterfly in the riverside Dye Garden.

Large White Butterfly eggs
Large White butterfly eggs - hatched
Large White caterpillars - 2
Large White caterpillars - 1

Above: a batch of eggs of the Large White butterfly, and the newly hatched caterpillars about a week later. Note also the darker circles on the cabbage leaf where more eggs were previously affixed, but were probably eaten by a predator.

Above and left:

mature caterpillars of the Large White butterfly.

Large White on hand - 2

Left: an adult Large White butterfly, 'reared' on nastirtium in my windowbox at home.

Comma butterfly on burdock - 1
Comma butterfly on burdock - 2
Comma Butterfly on burdock - cropped

Above and below: a Comma butterfly feeding on Burdock

Peacock butterfly cat. on large curved leaf
Peacock butterfly caterpillars - 1
Peacock butterfly - wings closed
Peacock butterfly - on hand

Above: the velvety black caterpillars of the Peacock butterfly

Below: one of the adults found later in the same area; this specimen was unfortunately missing one of its underwings.

Holly Blue butterfly on mint - facing up
Holly Blue butterfly on mint - cropped

Above and left: a Holly Blue butterfly on mint in the Herb Garden.

Common Marbled Carpet Moth - 2
Mint moth in summer - 2
Yellow Shell moth

Above: a Yellow Shell moth


Right: a Mint Moth in the Herb Garden.

Above: a Common Marbled Carpet moth camouflaged on a sycamore trunk.



All photographs Copyright Germander Speedwell, but feel free to get in touch if you'd like to use any.