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Reading - Warwick and Germander

Above: Warwick and Germander present the true story of Second Chance's second chances in Second Chance.  

Below: Kasonde reads Seasons Seen in Second Chance

Photos by Angus Wilson

Poster for Second Chance January events

Germander Speedwell 

Second Chance - display and readings  

The project culminated in a display in Second Chance of all the pieces, and an entertaining and illuminating public reading by Germander, shop staff and volunteers.


Here's a few photos of the event, and the displays around the shop.

Keeping Up Appearances - on cubicle wall
Garment Grading - on carousel

Above:  rhyming insights into all the processes that clothes

are put through before making it onto the carousel


Above:  on the side of the changing cubicle, a list of the

constant daily tasks of re-tidying to stave off disarray

Replenishment Measurements on shelf
Second Chances second chances - Angus's photo

Above photos by Angus Wilson, of the verses displayed around the shop



Photos below by Germander

Event - Germander and Kasonde AW
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