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A series of thematic walks devised and led by Germander, concentrating on London's mysteries and curiosities. 


All walks last 2.5 - 3 hours, and can be held on request for small groups - get in touch:


Germander is a Blue Cardigan guide, conducting walks while apparelled in an item of upper outerware that is certified to be in a crisp shade of cobalt.

Corbet Court Corbet Court maiden - 1
Sea God on Watermans and Lightermans Hall
Clet Abraham, West Square - cropped

Scenes from the inaugural Trail of the Mercers' Maiden, at which we were joined by the archivist of the Mercers Company, a delegation from the intrepid Southwark Cyclists, and other esteemed and erudite guests:


Left: the requisite neck-craning posture as practised by walk attendees.  

(Photo: Nick Sweeney)


Below: the Tallow Chandlers' glorious and curious Arms

(Photo: Nick Sweeney)


Bottom right: the mysterious narrowest door in the City?

(photo: Noriko Matsubara)


Bottom left: Barry Mason meets a Mercers Maiden.  

(photo: Nick Sweeney)


Below: some of the curiosities, mysteries, strange faces and sculptural stories visited on the Trail of the Two-tailed Tritons.  

Lloyds reliefs - Lutine bell
Philpot Lane Mice

Germander Speedwell 

Wayward Walks

The Trail of the Golden Grasshoppers and Mercers' Maidens


Germander leads a walk in the City of London, following the trail of the Mercers' Maidens and Golden Grasshoppers, exploring other recurring curiosities, discovering peculiar passages, and revealing many of the secret signs and surprises of the City.  No tourist sites, no invisible history - only things that you can actually see, but would normally miss or be mystified by.  Begins and ends at Bank.  






The Trail of the Two-tailed Triton


‘Things fishy and shippy in the City’  - curiosities of maritime and natural history in the City of London - from scallops and swans to teasels and thistles, tritons and other hybrids.  Including Lloyds ladies, Vintners' nicks, barge beds and Peek Tea, with references to lost rivers and memorials to sunken ships.  Again, no tourist sites, no invisible history - only things that you can actually see, but would normally miss or be mystified by.  Begins at Mansion House station, ends at Tower Hill.  




Street Art, Curiosities and Mysteries of Kennington


Explore the quirky side of Kennington on this walking tour, where you'll discover:

- a curious concentration of witty and artistic urban interventions, by both international and anonymous street artists

- a parallel universe, and a corner of the Duchy of Cornwall

- eccentric trees, and mysterious embellishments and additions to trees

- narrow alleys, grand avenues, and some of London's most unique and delightful squares and crescents.

Begins at Kennington station and ends at the Imperial War Museum.

Mystery face on St Mary at Hill - 1
Mystery face on St Mary at Hill - 2
Two-tailed Triton on Watermen and Lightermans Hall - 2
Lloyds Register sculpture
Triton walk - me

Thanks to Phil Hogg for the above three rows of photos

George III face maybe
Ship wind vane on Lloyds Register
Camel Caravan
Lloyds Register Lady Badge
Germander at Narrow Door
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