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Coloured clothes hangers
Plastic Beads - 2
Second Chance - sizers in red basket
Reels of cotton thread

Below: Germander at work in Second Chance.  Photos by Seb Lynch

Germander looking at book with David SL

Second Chance is one of London's most popular and unique charity shops, full of interesting, surprising and genuinely useful items at affordable prices, and is known for its creative and colourful window displays. Run by Archway Methodist Church, the shop raises funds for numerous charitable organisations and community projects.  Second Chance is situated on Archway Island, in the middle of the traffic roundabout right in the heart of Archway.

Germander Speedwell 

Second Chance: a double-take in couplets

From September 2012 until January 2013, Germander was hosted by Second Chance charity shop in Archway, as part of Islington Council's A Million Minutes arts programme.  Her aim was to write a verse a week from her findings - and here are the results, month by month, together with photos and background information:

Islington Tribune article on Second Chance
Searching boxes downstairs SL
Arranging window display - detail SL
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